Thai Cave Rescue: 4 Rescued, Rescue Mission Continues For 9 Remaining

Thai cave rescue: The 16 days horrific is over for just 4 boys on Sunday as the rescuer team successfully recovered them from the Thai cave. 12 boys aged 11-16 and their football team coach found stranded in the cave for last 16 days. The rescue mission is still under process for the remaining children and the coach.

Reports say that the rescue mission resumed today morning for the rest. The incident took the attention of the world media. The monsoon rain had made the rescue mission real difficult as the escape root was blocked by the heavy flooding.

The oxygen level also drastically went low (up to 15%) for the survival and they have been provided oxygen cylinders through the narrow cave walls.

In the rescue process, one diver and a former Thai navy seal personal lost their lives. The four boys were taken out by the rescuer’s team (Two rescuers helped one boy) through the dangerous, narrow passageways.

Yesterday, just after the four boys were rescued, heavy rain started falling again. Experts are fearing that the heavy rain might shrink the unflooded space where the trapped were sheltering to 108 square feet.

Everyone, along with Thailand are praying for a successful rescue mission. The Rescuers are up against ‘water and time’ to save remaining teammates trapped in Thai cave. Hope this horrific get over soon!

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