Nirbhaya Rape Verdict: Will Nirbhaya Rapists Be Spared Death? SC Decision Today

Nirbhaya Rape Verdict: The supreme court will deliver the verdict of the review pleas in the Nirbhaya gang rape and murder case on Monday. The three out of the four convicts who were sentenced to death filed a petition to the court before.

Mukesh 29, Pawan Gupta 22 and Vinay Sharma 23 are the three convicts who file the appeal. The other convict Akshay Singh, 31, has not filed a review against the supreme court decision given in May 2017.

Chief Justice Dipak Mishra and Justices R Banumathi and Ashok Bhushan will in the judging panel for this verdict.

Nirbhaya’s parents are optimistic and confident that justice will prevail. “We are confident that the SC will uphold its verdict and provide justice,” said Nirbhaya’s mother, Asha Devi.

Asha Devi and her family raising their voice for the rape victims across the country. She also said that the result of this verdict will show the way for the other victims as well and after this Nirbhaya’s soul will rest in peace.

The heinous crime happened on the night of Dec 16, 2012, inside a running bus in South Delhi by six persons and later thrown out on the road. She breathed her last on Dec 29, 2012, in hospital in Singapore.

One of the accused Ram Singh committed suicide in Tihar jail already and the other accused juvenile was resealed from a reformation home after three years serving the term.

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